25 Best Gorgeous Bedroom Colors For Sleep

Written by: Nicole Cullum



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Why It's Important to Pick The Right Bedroom Color For Sleeping

When it comes to getting a good night's rest, there is nothing more important than creating a serene and tranquil environment in your bedroom.  


Set a strong foundation with a serene color tone to create a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. The right paint color can wipe away distractions, ease your mind, and pave the way for a restful night's sleep.

We delve into the art and science of choosing the perfect paint color for your bedroom, exploring how different hues can impact your sleep quality, and discuss our top paint colors for a gorgeous bedroom and your best beauty sleep yet.

How To Pick the Right Paint Color For Your Bedroom Walls

There are so many paint colors to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Trust me, I’ve been there. Here are a few tips to save yourself from endless trips to the hardware store for another round of paint swatches.

1. Check Your Light Sources

Look around your room and note if and where you have any natural lighting and what direction it’s coming from. If you have abundant natural lighting your colors will pop more throughout the day, but might look more intense at night. Check your paint sample in the morning, midday, and at night to make sure it works in every light environment.

2. Direction Matters

  • North-facing light will be grayer and have a cooling effect on your paint colors. Northern light will pick up on any blue undertones in your paint. They will make blue, grays, greens and some whites bluer, so make sure to color test and lean towards more warmer tones if you have a north-facing light source.

    South-facing light sources are warmer and will pick up more orange and yellow undertones in your paint colors. South-facing rooms don’t get a lot of morning light and can feel dim until they brighten in the afternoon. Balance out this extra bump of yellow with a neutral gray or cool tonal base in your paint.

    East-facing rooms have inconsistent lighting. They’re more bright and warm in the mornings, and cooler and gray by midday and in the evenings. Balance these rooms out with a warmer bedroom color that can look good in both scenarios.

    West-facing rooms typically begin with subtle light in the mornings, and graduate to more intense, warm light by the afternoon. Western lit rooms can handle both cool and warm colors, but less bold, softer tones will work better in the stronger afternoon light.

3. Check the LRV

What in the world is LRV? LRV stands for “Light Reflective Value.” LRV is a technical paint term that paint companies use to describe how light or dark a paint color is. 

Every paint color has an LRV that refers the the percentage of light a paint color reflects. This percentage is measured from 0% (pure black) to 100%(pure white). Check the back of your paint sample or the company’s website to see what your bedroom paint color’s LRV is.

4. Less is More 

You might fall in love with the perfect color on your paint swatch, but then be overwhelmed once you get it painted on all four walls. If you find a color you love, consider choosing from the top two lightest swatches on the same paint strip. 

Color reflects light, bounces off itself, and becomes more intense when spread over an entire room. Be sure to sample first, but most often you’ll get your dream color by going a shade or two lighter and avoid having to repaint over a harsh misstep.

Here’s a handy graph to guide you.

Light Reflective Value Scale Infographic
Color Caravan

What Type Of Bedroom Paint Colors Are Best For Sleep?

Serene Blues Give Restful Sleep

In the realm of bedroom paint colors that promote the ultimate sleep experience, soft blues are definitely the clear frontrunner. Color psychology notes that serene blues help calm the mind, and have positive associations with gentle water, and beautiful clear skies. With their tranquil and soothing qualities, soft blues have the remarkable ability to transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation.

Soft blues help reduce your heart rate, lower stress, and get uninterrupted sleep longer. Even deeper blue tones can have a similar, restful effect to help unwind both body and mind.

If you’re not ready to fully dedicate your wall color to a blue tone, you can layer your bedroom with blue accents like curtains or wallpapers to have a similar calming effect.

Best Blue Bedroom Paint Colors For Sleep

Here are a few of our top soft blue bedroom paint colors for a restful night sleep.

1. Benjamin Moore Silver Mist 1619


Benjamin Moore Silver Mist 1619

2. Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue 6519


Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue 6519

3. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-114


Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue 6519

4. Sherwin Williams Leisure Blue 6515


Sherwin Williams Leisure Blue 6515

5. Benjamin Moore – Van Deusen Blue HC-156


Sherwin Williams Leisure Blue 6515

Tranquil Greens For Restful Sleep

Muted and pastel greens bring nature's palette indoors and have a peaceful, calming effect on our senses. Humans are naturally attracted to these organic greens which help us feel at ease and wake up feeling refreshed and upbeat. These muted tones are synonymous with beautiful meadows, groves of trees, and fields of lush grass that banish negative emotions.

When selecting a gentle green, lean towards greens that have a slightly blue or light gray undertone more than ones that have a yellow base.  These warmer yellow undertones have a more energetic feel that can work against the restful atmosphere you are trying to create. Look for sage, mint, or mossy greens.

Best Green Room Paint Colors For Deep Sleep

6. Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114


Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114

7. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204

8. Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green HC-141


Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green HC-141

9. Sherwin Williams Softened Green 6177


Sherwin Williams Softened Green 6177

10. Benjamin Moore Soft Fern 2144-20


Benjamin Moore Soft Fern 2144-20

Silvery White Bedroom Paint Colors For A Crisp Clean Feel

Classic, crisp whites give that luxury hotel feel without the expensive plane ticket. These beautiful lighter shades create a cozy environment and pair with any bedroom color palette. Whites are the most renter-friendly paint colors and invoke feelings of comfort, serenity and give a clean, polished look that is free from distraction for your best night’s sleep.

Timeless whites allow you to decorate your walls with colorful artwork, layer with luxurious curtains and bedding, or add accent wallpaper behind your bed for added pop.

Whites can be tricky and can reflect the color of light depending on your light source . Check the direction of your natural light and adjust the base color of your white to make sure it’s not too warm or too cool and comes off yellow or blue.

Here are some of our most even-toned whites to work in almost any scenario.

Best Soft White Bedroom Colors For Sleep

11. Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130


Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130

12. Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004


Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

13. Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22


Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22

14. Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008


Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008

15. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45


Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45

Neutral Beiges For Relaxing Vibes

Soft neutral beiges and taupes have comforting warm tone reminiscent of our best beach vacations relaxing with our feet in the sand. When picking your neutral tones, lean towards beiges that have a terracotta or soft brown undertone. Avoid bright orange colors in the paint base that will energize you rather than relax you before bedtime.

Most people prefer neutral palettes because they work well with almost any decor scheme. Although color preferences vary, it’s hard to go wrong with softer shades of neutral colors that will help you fall asleep without distractions.

Best Neutral Beige Bedroom Paint Color Calming Sleep

16. Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois OC-13


Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois OC-13

17. Sherwin Williams White Duck 7010


Sherwin Williams White Duck 7010

18. Benjamin Moore Dove Wing  OC-18


Benjamin Moore Dove Wing  OC-18

19. Sherwin Williams Simple White 7021


Sherwin Williams Simple White 7021

20. Benjamin Moore Gray Mist  OC-30


Benjamin Moore Gray Mist  OC-30

Blushing Bedroom Pinks for Sweet Dreams

This isn't your typical Barbiecore hot pink. Sophisticated and serene, these natural pinks have a gentleness that will instantly relax you and make you want to crawl into bed and wake up feeling gorgeous.

Light shades of pink are soothing colors that evoke feelings of optimism that will have you sleeping soundly and waking up ready to take on the day. Avoid bright red tones or dark shades when choosing your perfect pink. Think barely there, pastel shades that are almost white or neutral are the best bedroom colors for sleep.

Unless you're doing a statement accent wall, I tend to pick the first or maybe second color swatch at the top of the paint strip because once the color is on all four walls, it can quickly be more pink than what the small color swatch reads. Brighter colors will energize you and activate your mind so be sure to go for more muted colors for a good night’s sleep.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but lean towards more coral, peachy pinks rather than those adorable ballet Barbie pinks. Pinks with a purple-base will turn purple instead of pink once spread over your entire bedroom. These warmer pinks mimic skin tones and will actually make you look glowy and fresh in your own room!

Best Muted Pink Bedroom Paint Color For Soothing Sleep

21. Benjamin Moore Pink Swirl 2171-70


Benjamin Moore Pink Swirl 2171-70

22. Sherwin Williams White Dogwood 6315


Sherwin Williams White Dogwood 6315

23. Benjamin Moore Soft Pink 2012-70


Benjamin Moore Soft Pink 2012-70

24. Sherwin Williams Intimate White 6322


Sherwin Williams Intimate White 6322

25. Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait 2175-70


Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait 2175-70


Color plays a pivotal role in shaping our emotions and experiences, and no place is that more important than in the sanctuary of our bedroom.  With careful consideration, and plenty of samples, selecting the right paint color for your bedroom becomes an artful endeavor with a profound impact.

After exploring a spectrum of options, it's clear that certain colors reign supreme in the pursuit of a restful sleep haven. Soft blues, with their calming and serene nature, stand out as a perennial favorite. Tranquil greens evoke nature and help create a relaxing mood that lower stress levels for a sleep-inducing environment. Subtle whites and warm neutrals generate a balanced environment that enhances relaxation and promotes peaceful slumber.  Soft creamy pinks build optimism and create a gorgeous glow.

The best bedroom paint color for sleep is a deeply personal decision.  Transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility must take into account your lighting, the existing decor, and the overall ambiance you wish to curate for a truly rejuvenating night's sleep. With our top picks we’ve given you a head start to getting your best beauty sleep yet.